Shortly before the launch of WWE 2K20 videos began to surface suggesting that the latest in the wrestling game series was not up to par. These videos featured glitches and animation bugs that extended beyond simple clipping issues, and highlighted major issues with the game. Needless to say players were frustrated, but it seems one fan has taken things too far.

Friday night, the official WWE 2K20 Facebook account was hacked. Whoever was responsible began manipulating the social media account, posting racist messages, disparaging comments about the WWE franchise, and voicing support for the new All Elite Wrestling brand.

A person/group that goes by the handle Nublom took credit for the hack but it’s unclear if this is the same noted hacker or a copycat. Many of the messages don’t necessarily match the M.O. from past hacks, and plenty of hackers like to defer blame to an established party.

Many of the messages posted on the page featured offensive material, presumably in an effort to hurt the WWE games' reputation. It didn’t take long for the real owner of the page to regain control and remove all of the offending material.

messages on wwe facebook hack

Unfortunately, this is another bump in the road for the WWE 2K brand, which has been trying to rebound from the disappointing launch. Visual Concepts, who took over for long-time franchise developer Yuke’s, has issued several WWE 2K20 patches now and is still trying to make things better for fans.

Clearly at least one fan was disappointed by the experience enough to hack a social media account and let loose with racial epithets. Then again, there might be something a little less focused at play.

Borderlands Facebook and More

Not long after the WWE 2K20 Facebook page was hacked, the Borderlands account was also compromised. The page was filled with similar messages featuring racist language and the like. Once again, the page stayed like this for a while, posting numerous messages every few minutes, before the original owner regained control.

Given that both WWE 2K20 and Borderlands are part of the 2K Games family, it seems likely that someone gained access to an account or hacked an account tied to the publisher. But what at first might have seemed like a coordinated attack against WWE 2K20 for all of its faults, may have been focused simply on 2K Games. Still, the damage is seemingly done.

Other pages that were reportedly hacked include the Facebook page for Evolve, the asymmetric multiplayer game that had 4 players tracking a player-controlled monster. The game also happened to be a 2K Games-published product.

WWE 2K20 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.