Over the last week Borderlands 3 players have enjoyed less punishing Mayhem modifiers and increased Anointed gear drops as part of an Anniversary event for the game. Originally, the plan was for Gearbox Software to pull the plug on the boosts once the event ended, but it has decided to keep things the way they are.

Anyone that has played Borderlands 3’s end game knows that Mayhem modifiers can get a little intense. The trade-off Is that players will see increased loot drops, XP rewards, and more, but oftentimes the modifiers can get in the way of quick boss farms. So much so that some Borderlands 3 players will reload their game until they get less punishing ones.

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But during this latest Borderlands 3 event, players saw a lot fewer punishing modifiers (and some beneficial ones as well), which made farming easier and more rewarding. That’s, of course, not counting the fact that Gearbox also boosted the drop rates for Anointed gear, which is one of the main reasons to farm loot in Borderlands 3 anyways.

Anointed Gear is a unique version of existing Borderlands 3 loot that has a bonus perk on it. Usually, this perk interacts with a specific character and helps boost one of their abilities following an action. For example, an Anointed assault rifle might do 150% bonus damage following the use of FL4K’s Rakk Attack command.

Gearbox Software’s announcement should please those players who are busy farming the new Bloody Harvest event, either trying to get the new Fearmonger Shotgun or some other piece of loot. Now, players won’t have to worry about what loot drops will look like once the Mayhem Anniversary event concludes – things will be exactly the same as they are now. In fact, Gearbox even increased the loot drop rate for Captain Haunt because they were low, and that was with the bonus Mayhem event active.

While lots of loot-based shooters tend to balance away from giving players copious amounts of gear, Borderlands 3 seems to be leaning the other way. Yes, the developers have also nerfed a lot of the most popular builds and weapons, like the Lyuda sniper rifle, but even those changes are seemingly done for now. For at least a little bit, players can enjoy farming loot and creating new builds.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.