Players who are already looking for different ways to prolong their Borderlands 3 experience can take solace in the fact that there are tons of different things players can do in order to grind out the good stuff. Most players must be already familiar with the Circles of Slaughter mode, where players get to face-off against waves of enemies in five consecutive rounds, and each wave is stronger than the previous one. It’s easy to join a Circle of Slaughter, and all players have to do is head over to the social tab in the pause menu; however, players who still haven’t found the locations themselves won’t be able to choose which circle they want to join.

So, those who want to join the circle of their own choice will have to find all the Circle of Slaughter locations first. This can be a bit difficult, but this guide will make it easier for players to find each one of the circles out there and join the ones they want.

Cistern of Slaughter


Those who’ve already played through Borderlands 3's story will remember that the Cistern of Slaughter was the first circle they found. This one is located on the Promethea righter in the middle of Meridian Metroplex. When players arrive at the location, an NPC will be available with a side-quest that can be accepted to begin the event and complete the quest. Fortunately, players can replay the Cistern of Slaughter as many times as they want, even after they have completed the quest.

The Slaughter Shaft


The Slaughter Shaft is one of the final locations players will find when playing through the final chapters of the story. This circle is located on the planet Pandora close to Konrad’s Hold. All players have to do is head back to the location and go inside the Slaughter Shaft. Once inside, an NPC will be available with a side-quest. Accept the quest to start the Slaughter Shaft event, which can be replayed as many times as required even after completing the quest. This side-quest is a must if players want to access the Slaughter Shaft event; however, there are bunch of other side-quests that aren't worth playing at all.

Slaughterstar 3000


The final Circle of Slaughter acts as a planet and can be accessed via fast travel similar to other planets in the game. All players have to do is select it as the location and use the drop-pod to land at the location. This circle is located on the Planet of Nekrotafeyo and can be a bit difficult to find, as it only appears on the map when players are close to its location. When players arrive at the location, all they have to do is find the quest marker on the wall and accept the quest. Then head back to the Sanctuary via fast travel, and they will have access to a new location, Slaughterstar 3000. Similar to other Circles of Slaughter, this one can also be replayed as many times as required. Players who are not fond of the circles can also try out other things after beating the game.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.