Fans of Borderlands 3 will no doubt recognize that the shooter is a much different take on the loot shooter genre than Destiny 2, but developer Gearbox Software slid in a fun nod to Bungie's universe with a legendary weapon added in the newest update.

The Borderlands series is no stranger to placing references to pop culture and other video games into the gear that Vault Hunters can acquire, and Borderlands 3 has kept the franchise's allusions to other beloved media alive. Bungie's Destiny series, itself a well of nods and Easter eggs, made its debut between entries for Gearbox's series, and it was only a matter of time before one of the FPS/RPG juggernauts added a fun wink to the other.

The new weapon, called the Good Juju, is a legendary four-round burst assault rifle from Dahl, and makes its debut in Borderlands 3 alongside the Takedown at Maliwan's Blacksite DLC. Destiny 2 fans will recognize the name, sickly green color scheme and the gun's corrupted aesthetic as a nod to the Bad Juju pulse rifle, which returned to Bungie's franchise with an elaborate quest added over the summer. Both guns reload the magazine upon landing killing blows, making both exceptional choices for clearing large swaths of enemies.

Players can earn the Good Juju in Borderlands 3 by killing the Rampager boss on Promethea, or the Graveward on Eden-6, at Mayhem level 3 or higher. YouTuber Joltzdude139 shows off the gun's perk and some of the stats in a video posted Friday.

The Borderlands 3 weapon's flavor text, "Kinda, sorta wants to end all existence," also serves as a nod to the original Destiny exotic rifle, which comes with the description "If you believe your weapon wants to end all existence, then so it will," a quote from lore character Toland, the Shattered.

Longtime fans of the Borderlands franchise may recall the extensive Minecraft Easter egg included in the second game, which let players unlock special character skins by exploring a mine shaft area with a blocky aesthetic and a Creeper to fight. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel continued the tradition by including a side mission where players fought ectoplasmic enemies with a weapon reminiscent of the Proton Pack from the Ghostbusters films, and the launch of Borderlands 3 saw a weapon based on Elon Musk's flamethrower make its debut alongside guns based on Rick and Morty and One Punch Man. Only time will tell if Bungie will return the favor by adding a Borderlands 3 reference or two into Destiny 2 in the future.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia and the Xbox One.