Gearbox is firing on all cylinders with post-launch updates and content for Borderlands 3 and shows no signs of stopping. Today Gearbox released another update to the online multiplayer looter shooter, adding a much-requested feature to the game. It won't be affecting Borderlands 3's gameplay, unless players get shot while they're trying to take a picture. Yes, Borderlands 3 is officially bringing Photo Mode to consoles, and it should be available across all platforms now.

The update comes as part of Borderlands 3's October 24 patch to kick off the Bloody Harvest seasonal event. The official patch notes confirm that Photo Mode support has been added to both PS4 and Xbox One, as it was already available on PC. Gearbox also corrected a few existing bugs in Photo Mode, like how using the Reset Camera function would reset to a random location, or how Photo Mode would get all janky if the player teleported while taking a picture.

To access Photo Mode on consoles, there's no special trick. Simply open up the menu and scroll down to select the Photo Mode option. Within Photo Mode players will have a variety of options including filters, perspective shifts, and field of view alterations. There's even an option to change the time of day. It's everything Borderlands 3 players need to take the perfect freeze frame photograph of their Vault Hunter.

While Photo Mode may not be as exciting of a feature as others, it shouldn't be underestimated how valuable it is. Taking a screenshot is one thing, as it's often done on the fly and rarely very cinematic. Photo Mode allows fans to capture their favorite moments in a game, positioning the camera and bringing a moment to life in a unique way. More than anything, it allows players to recreate the ways a game has been advertised, only with their own characters instead of fill-ins. It doesn't hurt that publishers see it as a way to encourage players to advertise their games, too.

borderlands 3 photo mode screenshot

Photo Mode is just one small part of Borderlands 3's massive October 24 patch, though. The Bloody Harvest event has already been well-detailed, but there were also a ton of stability fixes and balance changes. Perhaps more interesting, however, is Gearbox's list of issues and ideas that it hasn't been able to get to yet. For example, Gearbox says it wants to add dedicated loot pools for bosses to make hunting for gear easier, add "significant" extra space to banks, and add more Mayhem levels. Borderlands 3 post-launch is only just beginning.

Borderlands 3 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Randy Pitchford (via Twitter)