Borderlands 3 players who main Moze are understandably frustrated right now. With the Flakker shotgun nerf, explosive builds are feeling less viable than ever, and the Iron Bear just isn't cutting it compared to other builds. It feels a bit like Gearbox is leaving Moze behind compared to Zane, Amara, and Fl4k. But Gearbox, at the very least, is aware of the situation. Moze players can expect a buff to the Iron Bear in the near future, but it's not quite ready just yet.

During Gearbox's Borderlands 3 livestream Co-op Couch, combat designer Grant Kao dropped a tease for Moze players. Kao starts by saying that he's a Moze player himself and that he wishes he could spend more time in Moze's Iron Bear mech. The mech serves as Moze's active ability, allowing her to summon it and then pilot it as a robotic suit of armor, but it can often feel less significant than just running around outside of the mech.

Unfortunately, Kao didn't have any specifics to share. He simply says that he wants to be in the Iron Bear more often and that those who share that sentiment should look forward to more information "coming soon." Based on those comments it's safe to assume the Iron Bear will be receiving some buffs, though whether that means more damage or better synergy with Moze's skill trees isn't clear.

Moze players are unfortunately left in the dark. It may even have been better not to have teased the Iron Bear changes until something more substantial was at hand. Now Moze players in Borderlands 3 are left feeling like their favorite character is less viable in the game.

Perhaps the best takeaway from Gearbox's recent major hotfixes to Borderlands 3 is that the studio seems to be willing to make changes as necessary. If Gearbox is vocalizing a known issue where it feels like improvements can be made, or a character that isn't performing as strongly as expected, then it can be assumed that significant changes are going to be made. Not that that makes the wait any easier.

Borderlands 3 is available now on PC,  PS4, and Xbox One.