While many Borderlands 3 players are running around the planets participating in the rare hunt celebration event in-game, some players are still grinding out legendary weapons and gear from their usual imgs. One such img of quick and easy gear comes from the golden chest aboard Sanctuary III, but players need Golden Keys to pop this chest open. Thankfully, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has put out yet another limited-time SHiFT code for one free Golden Key, but players will want to act fast as this code is only available for one day.

The SHiFT code Pitchford tweeted out is active from now until 10 a.m. CST tomorrow, so fans will want to redeem the code on the Borderlands website quickly to make sure the can get the key. While these codes come out relatively often, they are easy to miss out on if players aren't quick. The code for today's key is: 5ZC3B-WRKHT-Z53CK-BTB33-CB9HH, and players can redeem it on the Borderlands 3 website just like they would for any VIP or email codes. Players can also enter the code manually in-game through the social menu.

Many players are keeping themselves occupied in Borderlands 3 by farming the Graveward boss for lots of loot, which is more reliable than sticking to Golden Keys, but players can still use those keys for a guaranteed chance at higher tier items. If players are lucky, they can even get Anointed and legendary gear from the chest, and it can be reopened at any time, provided players have the Golden Keys to spare. Pitchford and the team at Gearbox tweets out SHiFT codes fairly often so players should keep their eyes out for another one coming soon.

For players not wanting to spend their Golden Keys (or players who have already burnt through all of them), there are plenty of great farming methods in Borderlands 3 that will net players a ton of Eridium, cash, and gear. While Graveward is the most popular due to his high drop rate, close proximity to a spawn point and vending machines, and general ease of the fight, some other bosses in the world are also great imgs of loot. The rare hunt event that is currently going on gives rare spawn enemies an increased chance at legendary gear as well if players want to give Graveward a break.

Borderlands 3 fans have had a bit of an emotional journey when it comes to character balancing and loot farming. FL4K especially has been on the receiving end of several nerfs much to the disappointment and outrage of many fans. However, today's Borderlands 3 update buffs FL4K and changes the other Vault Hunters, so hopefully FL4K can return to melting bosses in the name of the everlasting hunt.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.