Update: It's been confirmed that this shift code expires on November 4 at 11:59pm PT.

Borderlands 3 gets new shift codes on a regular basis, but most of the shift codes for the popular looter-shooter are for golden keys. However, the latest Borderlands 3 shift code gets players something a little different in the form of four new Halloween-themed cosmetics as part of the game's ongoing Bloody Harvest event.

While this new Borderlands 3 shift code gets players "Spooky head customizations," players can still redeem it how they would any other shift code in the game. They simply need to go to the Gearbox Software website to redeem the code or do so in-game. Once that's done, players can check their in-game Borderlands 3 mailbox to collect the heads. The code will expire on November 4 at 11:59pm PT.

Here is the Borderlands 3 shift code that unlocks the Halloween heads in the game: K9W3T-BJZ59-B9SHB-6B3JT-T9CFF. It should work regardless of whether one is playing Borderlands 3 on PC, PS4, or Xbox One.

borderlands 3 halloween heads shift code

This new Borderlands 3 shift code shows that Gearbox is willing to get creative when it comes to shift codes in the game. While the vast majority of shift codes in Borderlands 3 will still be for golden keys, it wouldn't be surprising to see Gearbox release more content this way. Not only does it let fans get something a little different for their shift codes, but it may also convince some players who are uninterested in using golden keys to actually take advantage of the Borderlands 3 shift code system.

This shift code expires on November 4 at 11:59pm PT, so it will expire well before when the Bloody Harvest event ends. The Bloody Harvest event in Borderlands 3 is scheduled to last until December 5.

Participating in the Bloody Harvest event also gives players the opportunity to collect new legendary weapons like the Fearmonger and battle bosses like Captain Haunt. Considering this, Borderlands 3 fans should have plenty to do in the game between now and when the next event starts.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One with a Stadia version also in development.

Source: Reddit