Mods are nothing new to PC gaming, and while some games make things easier for the more creative members of the community with things like open sourcing and console controls, Borderlands 3 seems to have laid out an even easier path to modding. Thanks to the way that the game processes its pre-rendered cutscenes, such as all of the live action shots that play over dialogue with sirens like Lilith.

This is the type of alteration that even newbie modders can accomplish by simply going through Borderlands 3's system files and tweaking a few things here and there. The results, however, are equally hilarious and numerous as more and more players have been fiddling with the game files and allowing the following chaos to ensue.

The mod comes from user @sickdooger, who found that the videos for all of the pre-rendered scenes are nothing more than mp4 files stored in a specific folder that can be replaced and the game can't really recognize the difference. This means that players can throw in whatever random meme they want into the place of these cutscenes, and it'll play over the top of the screen like a vault hunter's crazy daydream in most cases, which fits pretty well with the new Blood Harvest event that is currently available in the game. A number of players have been drawn to the thread following @sickdooger's initial tweet, showing their own alterations and reveling in the hilarity.

Players have been gathering around the tweet quickly, earning the video over 144k views and well over 5k replies from users sharing their own creations or responding to their favorite videos. Thankfully, @sickdooger left some detailed instructions on how to properly implement the mod within the tweet thread, showing where the original files exist within the game's folders and how to replace them in a way that the game can recognize them. Some of the most notable player creations have even removed the Calypso Twins' propaganda videos that periodically play throughout the game on screens set up around the world, which is a welcome change for some.

While this isn't exactly the most technically impressive mod to hit Borderlands 3's PC version, it is one of the easiest to accomplish for new modders who are still trying to get the hang of deep diving a games files. Either way, the results from what these players have discovered are extremely entertaining, and it's likely that more examples of how the game can be modded with this process are soon to come flowing as more players fill the game with their favorite videos.

Borderlands 3 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter (via PCGamer)