Although most Borderlands 3 players are focused on the active Bloody Harvest event and farming new gear thanks to the Mayhem bonuses on Anointed gear, there is a smaller prize on the horizon. A new skin and new heads for each of the game’s four playable characters have been revealed, although they are not in the game yet.

Several members of the Borderlands 3 content creation team have gained early access to the new skin and new heads and shown them off to their communities. The new pack is reportedly called “Like, Follow, Obey” and offers some fun cosmetic swaps for the characters.

The skin itself has a metallic sheen with some blue glows running through it. It’s certainly not the most detailed Borderlands 3 skin, or the flashiest, but it has a good color scheme that plenty of players will likely gravitate too.

The new Borderlands 3 heads, on the other hand, offer some really out there looks for Zane, FL4K, Amara, and Moze – much more than a simple palette swap. FL4K’s head is likely the biggest attention grabber, swapping the Beastmaster’s normal robotic head for one that looks like Anubis. Amara gets a type of futuristic Spartan helmet. Moze the Gunner looks like the Predator with two tall-boys sticking out of her head. And Zane’s new head looks like a robot cat DJ.

new head for amara

new head for flak

new head for moze

new head for zana

As mentioned, this skin and these heads are already in Borderlands 3 and available to members of the Gearbox Software stream team (and a few others). They will eventually be available to everyone but no official announcement has been made. It’s also unclear if these skins are part of some reward for supporting Borderlands 3 during its first months or if it is part of the rotation of new cosmetics in the game. In other words, players don’t yet know if the new Borderlands 3 heads and skin will be a totally free gift or if they will cost in-game Eridium.

As players wait for the skins and head to release, they can keep occupied with the newly released Bloody Harvest event. Although it is Halloween themed, Bloody Harvest runs until December and features new bosses to farm, a new weapon to collect, and some fun tricks and treats.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Images via CharOnTwitch