Borderlands 3 players hoping to tackle the all-new endgame content recently added to the game discovered a disappointing surprise. Guardian Perks, bonuses provided to players who have overleveled beyond Borderlands 3's level cap, are currently not working. The bug is ultimately limiting Borderlands 3 players' power to a degree, making for a good excuse as to why the new endgame content is just too hard. Gearbox has confirmed that it's working to correct this, but no fix has yet been produced.

This week marked perhaps Borderlands 3's biggest post-launch patch yet. It introduced both the Mayhem 4 game mode difficulty and the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite endgame raid. Not to mention the patch added dedicated boss loot pools for Legendary gear and increased the bank storage space cap from 50 to 300. In so many words, there was a lot of content and so a lot could go wrong. It's just unfortunate that what went wrong is the endgame power boost that is Guardian Perks, given players are trying to eke out as much power as possible to do the new endgame content.

Guardian Rank as a whole continues to work perfectly fine, outside of the Guardian Perks. Stat bonuses provided through Guardian Ranks are still being properly granted and players are still earning experience for their Guardian Tokens, which can be spent on boosting stats. The endgame post-cap progress system is working as intended. It's just the Guardian Perks, bonuses granted once players reach a certain Guardian Rank threshold in one of the Guardian Rewards' three trees, that don't work.

To be fair, the issue isn't going to affect a majority of Borderlands 3 players significantly. It takes 75 Guardian Ranks to max even one the progression system's trees. Most players in the endgame likely only have a few, if any Guardian Perks. So losing those Perks is probably nothing more than a nuisance. However, those most affected by the loss, like hardcore Borderlands 3 endgame players, are also the most likely to be upset over this.

It's not expected that the Guardian Perks bug will last for particularly long. Gearbox has been impressively responsive to gameplay affecting issues like this since launch. There may be some delay due to the weekend, one would hope, but it wouldn't be surprising if Gearbox devs are crunching to get a fix out, either. Expect to hear more regarding the Guardian Perks issue in the days ahead.

Borderlands 3 is available now on PC,  PS4, and Xbox One.