One month and one week in, Borderlands 3 is in an interesting place. Overall, people like Borderlands 3, but it’s clear the game launched in less-than-optimal fashion. There’s a lot fans have been clamoring for Gearbox Software to add to or change about the game, and Gearbox seems to understand that and is trying to improve it.

Unfortunately, the constant updates that have been coming to the game in the last several weeks have been a bit sporadic. Vault Hunters have been buffed and nerfed in equal measure, while some of BL3’s most powerful weapons have been rendered nearly useless. The past week in particularly has seen these come in large amounts, and the general consensus appears to be that these hotfixes largely fail to address the main issues fans have been having with the game.

To that end, the fans have come together to make their voices better heard. On the Borderlands 3 subreddit, moderators compiled some of the most frequent fan-requested changes into an easy-to-read list called “Gearbox Pls.” Amid the quality-of-life improvements they’re asking for are things like the ability to skip cutscenes and dialogue sections, a “sit” command for FL4K’s pets to make them passive, a change to make Mayhem Mode always unlocked in True Vault Hunter Mode, and split-screen support for PC players.

Outside of gameplay changes, fans are also asking Gearbox to fix various bugs causing incorrect information to show up in players’ inventory and HUD. On a related note, the list also includes one of the most prominent fan demands: a fix to the game’s rather small inventory. This is a problem that has been annoying many players, and one that Gearbox is already looking into.


For the time being, the moderators managing the Gearbox Pls list are focusing on compiling requests by the categories of “Gameplay suggestions, Major Bugs, User Interface Suggestions and Performance.” But they say that more categories will likely by added, based on which suggestions for a better Borderlands 3 gain traction on Reddit.

With any luck, Gearbox will hear the fans and take their requests seriously. Maybe then, with a better dialogue between developer and players, it will focus on fixing Borderlands 3’s chief issues instead of constantly fiddling with the game’s balance. Then again, Gearbox has already vowed to cut back on the nerfs, so it’s possible that it’s already listening.

Borderlands 3 is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A Google Stadia version is also in the works.

Source: Reddit