For certain players, much of the Borderlands 3 experience is centered around building a Vault Hunter that is as overpowered as possible. This can be done by obtaining the best Borderlands 3 legendary weapons and utilizing a synergistic build, but there are other options for players that are looking to melt their foes. Specifically, a Borderlands 3 glitch has recently surfaced, and it effectively eliminates cooldowns on all abilities for all characters.

To note, there is a short refresh time associated with abilities that cannot be removed using this BL3 glitch. As such, this Borderlands 3 exploit will not allow players to spam abilities without any interruption, but it will reduce cooldown times to essentially zero. Additionally, it is worth noting that a player must be at full shields to receive the benefits offered by this glitch.

To active this Borderlands 3 abilities glitch, players will need to have completed the game's main story and have gained access to Guardian Ranks. These fans will then need to obtain Topped Off, a Guardian Rank perk in the Hunter tree that increases the action skill cooldown rate. With this Guardian Rank perk acquired, players must simply respec their Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter over and over, as the effect of Topped Off will continually stack every respec.

Eventually, players will find that their ability cooldowns have been fundamentally removed, and they can proceed to spec as they wish and go out on the hunt. While this Borderlands 3 glitch can be done with any character, it is especially intriguing with a BL3 FL4K build, as being able to endlessly use Fade Away, which allows the Vault Hunter to score three guaranteed critical hits, seems particularly deadly.

It is important to mention that if a player exits to the main menu they will have to redo this glitch, which means that it is not particularly useful for farming bosses in Borderlands 3. That said, players are sure to find many fun applications for this BL3 exploit, but they may not have too long to do so. Indeed, Gearbox Software is very likely to patch this Borderlands 3 glitch in short order, and players are thus advised to enjoy it while it lasts.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.