Since the official release of Borderlands 3, players have been pushing the games limits to see what it can do. One PC player recently created a mod that turned it into limbo, and a recent BL3 glitch allowed players to one-hit pretty much everything. The latest glitch to be discovered is just as useful, though, as it turns the player invincible.

For clarification, this particular glitch will work on any platform (whether it be PC or console) and on any of the 4 playable characters. It seems YouTuber DPJ found this glitch and demonstrated how to do it on his channel, with the video (as seen below) showing his character accepting an onslaught of enemies but then taking no damage. The best part is that it is also incredibly simple for Borderlands 3 players to pull off.

First, players will need to obtain and equip an artifact that has the following ability: "Temporary Invulnerability when health drops below 50%." Borderlands 3 players will then need to damage themselves somehow, reducing their maximum HP below 50%, and then before their shields begin to regenerate, swap the artifact to another. For whatever reason, this will result in players being complete invincible until they either fast travel or go back to the main menu.

Of course, developer Gearbox Software will likely fix this glitch with a patch soon enough, so those who intend to take advantage of it should do so soon. While it can be done for a slight gag or in an area where players are having trouble, it'll also help complete any number of the endgame activities like BL3's Circles of Slaughter.

Assuming that this isn't patched within the next few days as well, it could be incredibly helpful in the on-going Borderlands 3 anniversary event, especially for those who don't have the best builds. Players who need help during their farm of Borderlands 3 rare spawn hunt enemies would do well to utilize this ability when needed, but as a reminder, it'll deactivate upon fast travel.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.