Just after the release of Borderlands 3 last month, Loot Tinks were the preferred targets for many players that were looking to farm legendary gear fast. However, Gearbox Software quickly nerfed the best Loot Tink farm in Borderlands 3, forcing fans to go out and find new and improved legendary farming spots. That said, a recently discovered Borderlands 3 glitch may get players back to farming Loot Tinks for legendaries, though it is quite difficult to execute.

To utilize this Borderlands 3 glitch, players will need to have access to a very specific item: a Sticky Quasar grenade that has homing. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee the drop of such a Borderlands 3 Sticky Quasar, but players that have been lucky enough to obtain one have the ability to enact the BL3 glitch outlined here. With a Sticky Quasar with homing equipped, players should go offline and head to Jakobs Estate on BL3's Eden-6.

Players should then visit the Servant's Lift area in this location. However, before entering this area, fans should kill as many enemies and exploding barrels from a distance as possible. The idea is to have Servant's Lift relatively clear before entering it and spawning the Hoarder Tink in Borderlands 3.

At this point, players should send their Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter into the area and immediately start throwing grenades at the Hoarder Tink, who will spawn almost directly across from the entrance. If this is done correctly, the Hoarder Tink will launch sky high, and this is what can cause the BL3 exploit to occur.

Specifically, if the Hoarder Tink is sent high enough and then lands in an accessible location, it has the chance to be permanently frozen, which allows players to endlessly shoot its backpack for infinite Borderlands 3 legendaries. There is no exact science to getting this to occur, and players that want to make use of this Borderlands 3 exploit will likely have to repeat the process a great number of times to get it working properly. That said, the reward for doing so may make it worth it.

Indeed, this glitch has the potential to setup one of the best farms in Borderlands 3, allowing players to easily obtain some of the best legendary weapons in BL3. However, players will certainly need to exercise patience if they want to make use of it.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.