Borderlands 3, like many open world games, has its fair share of glitches. Sometimes gamers can use these glitches to their advantage, like the Mad Moxxi Slot Machine glitch that lets players easily farm for legendary weapons. Another glitch has been discovered by YouTuber Osterberg501, and it allows Borderlands 3 players to one-shot kill nearly any enemy in the game, including some of the bosses.

To do this particular Borderlands 3 glitch, players will need to be playing as Moze the Gunner. They will also need the legendary class mod Desperate Enhanced Bloodletter, and the legendary shield Brawler Ward equipped. Once players have the proper equipment, the next step is to head to The Splinterlands in Pandora, and then travel to this location:

borderlands 3 one shot glitch

Upon arriving at the location marked on the map, players will find a rollercoaster of sorts that has an electric fence behind it. Purposefully walk into the fence, then back away. Keep doing this until eventually the health and shield regen is stacked so much that Moze can literally sit in the fence and take constant damage without dying. Eventually the fence will stop depleting Moze's shields at all, which is the cue for players to go try to one-shot enemies.

The weapon that Osterberg501 recommends Borderlands 3 players use is the Deep-dive Face Puncher shotgun, but basically any powerful weapon in the game will be devastating at this point. In Osterberg501's video, he shows off just how powerful this one-shot glitch is, using it to destroy Troy Calypso, the Agonizer 9000, and more.

It's possible that this Borderlands 3 glitch will be fixed in future updates for the game. Gearbox has been releasing Borderlands 3 updates about once per week or so, often fixing problems with the game and also making balance changes. Future updates will no doubt bring even more changes and fixes, but they may also open the door for brand new Borderlands 3 glitches for players to exploit as well.

Looking ahead, Borderlands 3 fans have some substantial content updates to look forward to, including the Bloody Harvest event and the game's first DLC story episode, which is due out by the end of the year.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.