Over the last handful of days, Borderlands 3 players have discovered two glitches that allow them to farm infinite legendaries from a single Loot Tink. The setups for these two Borderlands 3 Loot Tink glitches differ, but they both require players to continually shoot the Tink's backpack in order to farm for legendary gear. That said, a new method has emerged, and once the glitch has been performed, players can farm legendaries in Borderlands 3 without pressing a button.

To enact this new Borderlands 3 glitch, several criteria must be met. To begin, a player's BL3 Vault Hunter of choice will need to be FL4K, and they must have access to a weapon, build, and Skag that have the ability to dish out quick damage. Furthermore, they will need to have a legendary Red Suit shield, which can be obtained by completing the Angels and Speed Demons mission in Borderlands 3.

Furthermore, it is recommended that this glitch be performed offline and on Borderlands 3's Mayhem Mode 1. This configuration makes setting up the BL3 exploit relatively easy, and it also guarantees that the Tink drops a high number of legendaries for faster farming.

With all of this established, players should then head to Jakobs Estate on Eden-6 in Borderlands 3. They should then make their way to the west edge of the map, where they will find two enemies. One of these enemies has the potential to be a Hoarder Tink, and players should simply exit to the main menu and reenter the game repeatedly until the Tink is found in this location.

Once this has been done, players must quickly dispatch the non-Tink enemy and then begin their assault on the Hoader Tink. When the Tink reaches around 10% health, players should hold the input that causes their Skag to charge the foe. This will make an icon appear above the Hoarder Tink's head, and performing this glitch requires that the Skag kill the enemy before this icon goes away.

If done properly, the Hoarder Tink will die, but its backpack can still be farmed for legendaries in Borderlands 3. Players can then simply equip the aforementioned Red Suit shield, which deals damage to foes in close proximity, stand near the Tink, and watch the legendary weapons fly. As previously stated, this can continue without touching the controller, though players will need to kill the single enemy that respawns nearby every 15 minutes or so.

For players that may be having trouble dishing out the fast damage required to setup this Borderlands 3 exploit, the video featured above provides a build recommendation. That said, fans that are equipped with one of the best Borderlands 3 legendary weapons should find the glitch quite easy to execute, and they should have access to one of the easiest legendary farming spots in BL3 in no time at all.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.