Borderlands 3 gets new shift codes on a near-daily basis, though it's hard to predict exactly when Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford will take to Twitter to release the latest one. Sometimes the new Borderlands 3 shift codes come in the morning, other times they are released late at night. The latest Borderlands 3 shift code, released on Sunday, October 13, was made available just this morning, but fans don't have a ton of time to redeem it.

The new Borderlands 3 shift code for today expires at 10pm CST. Redeeming the new Borderlands 3 shift code will get players a free golden key that they can get from their Borderlands 3 in-game mailbox. With the key in hand, Borderlands 3 players can use it on the chest aboard Sanctuary III to get some free legendary gear.

The new Borderlands 3 shift code for Sunday, October 13 is CZCTJ-CZ59T-HC35W-T3BJB-ZTZJC. It can be redeemed in-game or through the Gearbox website, but remember that it expires at 10pm CST.

If Borderlands 3 players miss out on redeeming the shift code for October 13, they shouldn't stress too much about it. As we've pointed out in the past, Gearbox releases new Borderlands 3 shift codes on a near-daily basis, so there should always be new codes to redeem. Plus, Gearbox supported Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel with new shift codes for years, so it stands to reason that new Borderlands 3 shift codes will be released for years to come.

The vast majority of Borderlands 3 shift codes expire relatively quick, but there are some that are available for a longer amount of time. There's a batch of Borderlands 3 shift codes that were released around launch that currently have no expiration date, for example. It's possible those Borderlands 3 shift codes will become unavailable at some point coming up, but players can still use them at the time of this writing.

Maybe more longer-term Borderlands 3 shift codes will come with the introduction of the game's Bloody Harvest event or the first story DLC. That remains to be seen, but we should find out sooner rather than later.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.