It's the weekend once again and Borderlands 3 players know exactly what that means - free loot. Gearbox's CEO is posting yet more Shift codes for Golden Keys in Borderlands 3, as he has done every weekend since Borderlands 3 launched in September. Players who redeem the code will receive one Golden Key, equal to one opportunity at opening Borderlands 3's Golden Chest and receiving the loot within. As with prior Shift codes, this one will last 24 hours.

Sunday's Borderlands 3 Golden Key is as follows: C9KBJ-6HXHT-9WJKW-BJ33B-SK95C. This code will last until 8 am PT Monday morning. It can either be redeemed through the official Gearbox Shift website by logging in, clicking on the "Rewards" tab, and entering the code, or in-game. Borderlands 3 players can simply jump in-game, open the menu, switch to the "Social" tab, and then enter their code in the "Shift Code" section. Redeeming Shift codes does require that players have a Shift account with Gearbox.

After redeeming the new Shift code, Borderlands 3 players can collect in from their in-game mail via the "Social" tab. From there, players can head over to the Golden Chest in Sanctuary III. By opening the chest, the player's new Golden Key will be consumed, as it's a 1-time use item. The Golden Chest will open and will spawn a variety of loot including weapons, class mods, shields, and grenade mods. After the player has picked up their loot, the chest will close until another Golden Key has been used on it.

Given the one-time use nature of Golden Keys, it's recommended that Borderlands 3 players wait until they're max level to open it. That way the player has a chance of earning some of the best gear in the game. The Golden Chest in Borderlands 3, unlike prior Borderlands games at launch, can spawn Legendary gear. Opening the Golden Chest at level 50 and having a Legendary weapon spawn is a job well done.

Today's Borderlands 3 Golden Key will likely be the last until next Friday or Saturday, depending on Randy Pitchford's mood. Last week he did do a special Monday bonus Golden Key, and he has released some in the middle of the week as well, but the weekend keys are the only regularly scheduled giveaways. Sometimes the codes last for 24 hours and sometimes they only last for a couple of hours, so the only way for Borderlands 3 players to make sure they're getting as many as possible is to follow Pitchford on Twitter. That's probably why he does it instead of the official Borderlands account.

Borderlands 3 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.