The weekends are an exciting time for Borderlands 3 fans, as it's then when Gearbox Software seems to release shift codes for free golden keys more frequently. Many of the Borderlands 3 shift codes are shared on Randy Pitchford's official Twitter account, with the Gearbox CEO sharing yet another shift code for a free golden key in the popular looter-shooter earlier this morning. And luckily, fans don't have to be super quick to redeem it.

The latest Borderlands 3 shift code released by Randy Pitchford expires tomorrow morning, at about 10am CST. This is contrast to other recent Borderlands 3 shift codes, some of which were only live in the game for a couple hours. It's safe to say that not everyone in the community has been thrilled about having such a short window of opportunity to redeem some of the Borderlands 3 shift codes, but it's unclear if any backlash is why Gearbox is now giving out shift codes that last a bit longer.

It's quite possible that the Borderlands 3 shift codes with shorter lifespans will be back, so fans will want to keep their eyes on the various Borderlands 3 social media accounts if they hope to redeem them all. In the meantime, here is the latest Borderlands 3 shift code for October 6 - W9K3J-BFCS3-HKBKW-B3BBB-RBTSH. Remember that it expires tomorrow at roughly 10am CST, so don't forget to use it.

Like with any Borderlands 3 shift code, the next step for fans is to claim their golden key through the Borderlands 3 mailbox system. When that's done, they just need to use the golden key on the chest found on Sanctuary III. This will get players some easy high-tier loot, of which there should be plenty right now thanks to the current in-game event.

For those that didn't know, Borderlands 3 has a bonus boss loot event going on right now in recognition of the franchise's 10th anniversary. The Borderlands 3 bonus boss loot will be going away this coming week, though, to be replaced by a different event. This will continue for five weeks.

Throughout all of this, Borderlands 3 is also expected to launch the Bloody Harvest event, which should be a bit more substantial and will add some new content to the game. It's quite possible this will include new weapons to get from the Sanctuary chest, so fans should continue using all the Borderlands 3 shift codes that they can.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.