Borderlands 3 has so far been a massive success for Gearbox Software and has earned generally positive reviews across the board. However, there are still ways that Gearbox could improve the Borderlands 3 experience for fans. One flaw that has been pointed out has to do with the beginning of the game, which many feel takes too long to get players into the action.

Reddit user TheRealBoz timed the beginning of Borderlands 3, and they discovered that it takes 13 minutes before players are actually able to shoot anything in the game. They point out how players have to follow a slow-moving Claptrap, go through tutorials, and watch unskippable cut-scenes. Not even the Borderlands 3 intro scene can be skipped at the time of this writing, though it's unclear if TheRealBoz is included it with their timing of the start of the game.

"This is agonizing," TheRealBoz said about how long it takes for Borderlands 3 players to get into the action. "A supposedly fast-paced looter-shooter should NOT take this long to get to the first gunfire exchange!" TheRealBoz's post on Reddit is nearing 1,000 upvotes at the time of this writing, with many commenters voicing their agreement that the beginning of Borderlands 3 is too slow.

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The problem with Borderlands 3's slow beginning, and unskippable dialogue and cut-scenes later on, is when players decide to create a new character or play through the story again for any reason. It almost discourages subsequent playthroughs, as players will have to sit through all of the same story beats all over again. However, it's possible that Gearbox may come up with a way to address this fan complaint.

Gearbox has been updating Borderlands 3 regularly since launch, adjusting Vault Hunters, fixing glitches, and more. It stands to reason that one of the game's patches will eventually address this issue fans have with being unable to skip dialogue and having to sit through the long beginning section every time they make a new character, though no official plans to address these concerns have been announced just yet.

In the meantime, Borderlands 3 fans have new content to look forward to, including the start of the Bloody Harvest event and the first DLC episode, which is expected to be out by the end of the year.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

Source: Reddit