The latest hot fix for Borderlands 3 arrived earlier today, addressing a number of bug and technical problems with the game rather than handing down more balancing updates and nerfs. While the update didn't fix every community concern, it did address where the team was at in fixing some of the bigger problems like increasing the bank size, adding dedicated loot, and further improving the game's performance. Today's hot fix also provided news on one of the biggest flaws in the game currently.

Towards the bottom of the latest Borderlands 3 patch notes, Gearbox Software comments on the fact that players can't currently skip any cutscenes. As fans have noted, this makes the intro sections of the game overly long, about 13 minutes before the player can actually fire a weapon. On paper, this seems like an extremely easy fix to allow players to press a button to skip past them. However, there's more going on than most fans realize.

As the post reveals, the cutscenes are so long because many of them are hiding a lot of technical details behind the scenes or activating critical events. Simply adding a skip button would likely cause progression to be negatively impacted, so the studio is manually inspecting every cinematic to determine if anything would break by using a skip. Gearbox admits that it has a few ideas on how to fix the issue but it'll need testing before seeing the light of day.

borderlands 3 bloody harvest event release date

In addition to a new hot fix, today's update also kicked off the Bloody Harvest event. This free, in-game event runs from today until December 5 and adds a spooky flair to the game. From the new NPC named Maurice, players fight Haunted enemies that spawn all over the game world to collect Hecktoplasm. When enough is collected, players can travel to a new location called Heck to fight Captain Haunt. Of course, the new event adds plenty of new loot from weapons, gear, and other customization items like skins and trinkets.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.