In a recent co-op couch livestream for Borderlands 3, host and Tyreen voice actress Eliza Melendez had Combat Designer Grant Kao on the show. They discussed the recent BL3 hotfix that made quite a few changes, but perhaps more importantly, they also discussed an upcoming "big patch" that will address some of the Vault Hunters as well as the game's Mayhem Mode.

Kao stopped short of slapping a date on this forthcoming patch, but he did does hint at some of the biggest changes. One has been requested heavily by Borderlands 3 fans, and that's survivability for FL4K's pets, Zane's Digiclone, and Moze's Iron Bear at higher levels, especially when Mayhem Mode is active. Kao also suggests that some bigger buffs are coming to Zane, which is not altogether too surprising, and that a permanent fix for the infinite spam Moze build was also on the way.

Specifically, Kao did say that they were looking at Zane's ability that deals more damage the more he moves, which doesn't work correctly, with the team looking at buffing the effectiveness of the ability as well. While these were specifically addressed, there's likely to be a few more tweaks dealing with the Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters as well, but Kao also went overs some changes coming to Mayhem Mode.

This next patch will make some balancing changes to Mayhem Mode, as well as tweaking some of the mode's most common complaints such as the bullet reflecting. The idea is the mode will promote build changes and deep though when tackling the harder levels, but not something that forces players into a bad predicament. As aforementioned, there's no release date for this, but the way Kao spoke would seemingly suggest that this could be as early as this coming week.

Perhaps the biggest bit of information talked about during this Borderlands 3 stream was the game's performance. Kao briefly spoke about how much was involved in upgrading performance but did say that the team was working on it, perhaps even suggesting that it could be part of this upcoming patch. That's speculation at this time, though, so it'll be interesting to see what comes of this "big patch."

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.