Today's Borderlands 3 patch nerfed some of the most powerful legendary weapons in the game, leaving many fans upset with the current loot situation in-game. However, Gearbox combat designer Grant Kao was on this week's episode of Couch Co-op to give fans some good news after such a devastating patch.

In a future update, with no set release date at the time of writing, Gearbox will be introducing dedicated drops to the game, meaning that players will be able to start farming for specific weapons and gear instead of relying solely on world drops - so Graveward may finally get some rest.

During Gearbox's weekly livestream of Couch Co-op, Tyreen Voice Actor Elisa Melendez sat down with Kao following this week's hotfix to address some of the complaints from the community following the update. Melendez and Kao discussed some of the changes and Kao gave fans some insight behind the changes as well as some teases for future updates.

One of the biggest changes coming (back) to the Borderlands franchise is dedicated loot imgs. This means players can farm specific legendary or unique items from specific bosses. The feature was missing from most of the bosses in Borderlands 3and has been a big request from the community. Kao had no anticipated release date for the feature.

Dedicated loot imgs was not the only feature teased in the livestream. The designers also discussed the upcoming inventory and bank storage updates that are planned for a future update. While they have not shared any specific details on how the inventories will update, the team at Gearbox is working to make sure they can increase players storage without breaking the game or causing players to lose loot. Gearbox wanted to make sure that it will not replicate the issue that was present at the start of the game where players had their banks wiped.

Kao also discussed some upcoming changes to Mayhem mode. Mayhem mode will be receiving some updates next week that will tune down some of the penalty modifiers, like damage reflection or reduced gun damage. These changes should be coming soon with the next rotation of the anniversary celebration event that is running through the month. Kao noted that these were not all of the changes, so players will likely have to wait until the update goes live for specifics.

Overall, today's update upset a lot of Borderlands 3 fans, but Kao noted that future updates will not be this severe. He also noted that these updates aren't picked at random and that a lot of data is analyze and tested before these updates go live. Hopefully the big update will include some highly anticipated features, like the dedicated loot imgs.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.