Borderlands 3 players concerned about the drop rates in the Bloody Harvest event can breathe a little easier, as Gearbox Software has increased loot drops from Captain Haunt. Gearbox had heard concerns from players regarding the drop rates and acted very fast, pushing a hot fix live late Friday evening.

Borderlands 3 players likely didn’t notice that the drop rates for Captain Haunt were so low because a special Mayhem event is running at the same time. During the event, Borderlands 3 players will receive more loot, especially items with Anointed bonuses. So to most the loot seemed somewhat scarce from Captain Haunt, but regular enough that it wasn’t a big deal.

However, when one considers that the Mayhem event will end and the loot drop rates will go back down, then the Captain Haunt drops were likely to plummet as well. And so Gearbox made this change to compensate for that.

While Borderlands 3 players can farm most of the Bloody Harvest legendary gear from the usual methods – Graveward is still a popular boss to farm – the only way to get the Legendary Fearmonger Shotgun is from Captain Haunt. Players will be lucky to see a single shotgun drop over the course of a number of kills, and that is with the increased drop rates. Those who want to get the right shotgun for their Borderlands 3 build will likely have to farm Captain Haunt for a while, but Gearbox made it a little easier to get drops from him.

Of course, there is a lot more to do during the Bloody Harvest event, like kill the Borman Nates boss or complete the various challenges available. And all of those activities will now be a little more rewarding as well. For a limited time event it makes sense that Gearbox Software would tweak the drop rates after receiving feedback. This is only the first big event for Borderlands 3 and with many more likely to come, the developer wants to ensure that players’ time is rewarded.

If nothing else, it seems that Borderlands 3 players can start to farm for new builds now that Gearbox Software has said it is done making drastic changes to characters (for now). One of the newest builds that seems to be gaining attention is an infinite grenade build for Zane that is all about the destruction. It should pair nicely with the Ghast Call, a new grenade included with the Blood Harvest loot.

Borderlands 3: Bloody Harvest ends on December 5th.