A tweet from the Borderlands 3 official Twitter account confirmed the starting time for the game's first big Halloween DLC event Bloody Harvest. The event will launch with an update that goes live at 3PM PT today. The update includes Bloody Harvest as well as some fixes for the game.

Borderlands 3 developer Gearbox announced the Bloody Harvest Release Date earlier this week. The spooky event begins today, October 24 and will last until December 5. Fans can expect Bloody Harvest to include "Haunted" versions of enemies from the base game and new legendary weapons like the Fearmonger, a boss fight against Captain Haunt (the ghost of Captain Traunt from the base game), and more Anointed loot drops.

The patch will drop at 3PM PT, or 6PM for players on the East coast and will include more than just the access to the newest Borderlands 3 DLC content. The October 24 patch includes general stability and performance updates, bug fixes, and one weapon change. The Flakker has been buffed to now consumes only 1 ammo instead of 5. In a patch notes page listed on the Borderlands website, Gearbox made a note addressing how it will be focusing on stability and performance more in the next patch.

"The first fruits of that labor will be released in our upcoming November patch, with various improvements game-wide," the statement read. "We've also been hard at work improving the game's stability and more improvements in this regard are expected to be included in the November patch. Performance and stability will continue to be an ongoing effort with more fixes rolled out with each upcoming patch."

Quality of life improvements and fixes like this are what Borderlands fans are asking for. The rest of the notes are highly detailed and any dedicated Borderlands 3 player should check them out to see if their issue has been addressed, because it likely has.

This gives high hopes for the future of the loot shooter. The game has a dedicated base of players and it is wise to fix the flawed, and sometimes buggy, game that launched before doing significant content updates. The first major Borderlands 3 DLC expansion is still planned to come out before the end of 2019.

Borderlands 3 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Borderlands.com