Developer Bluepoint Games continues to tease gamers with the possibility of several remakes in the works. Not long ago a shortlist of titles appeared that were prime candidates for Bluepoint – titles like Demon’s Souls and Syphon Filter – but the studio is now suggesting that it is actually working on two game remakes.

On Twitter, the Bluepoint Games account posted another cryptic Tweet featuring what most assume is a coded message. At a glance, the message reads like complete nonsense, but many are interpreting some of the phrasings to mean more than that.

Arguably the most important detail from the message, is the section that takes about rekindling flames. A common trope in the Souls series, kindling flames has strong ties to From Software’s ultra-challenging third person action series.

Of course, this could be fans reading into things since there have been rumors of a Demon’s Souls remake for a while now. While From Software has found a lot of success since Demon’s Souls, many may not be familiar with the game that set things off. It also seems strange that Dark Souls 1 would get a remaster (and a Switch release) and Demon’s Souls would be neglected. That is, if a different studio wasn’t already working on a remake for Demon’s Souls.

But if this message is connected to Demon’s Souls, many wonder if one of the earlier teases from Bluepoint is for a different game. That tease included mentions of “dart,” who is the main character in the PS1-era JRPG Legend of Dragoon. Admittedly, Legend of Dragoon does not have as strong of cache as something like Demon’s Souls, but there is a following for the game nonetheless.

So if one message is for Demon’s Souls and another for Legend of Dragoon it stands to reason that Bluepoint Games could be working on at least two remakes. The studio has had a lot of success by remaking games like Shadow of the Colossus using an updated graphics engine and preserving the gameplay. And now when the studio starts discussing any project, most assume that it is a remake.

But given the studio’s proclivity for teases there have emerged several candidates for remakes. Both Legend of Dragoon and Demon’s Souls are high on the list, but Syphon Filter, Metal Gear Solid, and Castlevania have some roots in the studio’s cryptic messaging. With The Game Awards right around the corner, it’s very likely that Bluepoint will be part of the show’s big reveals, potentially showing off two different games.