Dragon Age is one of BioWare's most renowned franchises and for good reason, the series has received critical acclaim and sold well. Since the last Dragon Age installment in 2014, BioWare has had a difficult time retaining its once sterling reputation and many hope that a new title in the series would see the glory days of the developer return. With this in mind, it is no surprise that fans have become incredibly excited after BioWare teased Dragon Age 4 on Twitter.

Dragon Age: Origins was acclaimed for its dark fantasy role-play and despite a slightly divisive follow-up, Dragon Age: Inquisition managed to combine the previous two titles into an acclaimed game. Since then, there hasn't been a confirmed date for a sequel and fans have been left to search for clues, now there is word from the publisher on the anniversary of Inquisition, although the tweet may simply be a way to tease fans.

The letter penned by Solas to the Inquisitor claims that the five years have been 'but an instant in my heart', although fans would surely disagree, the interesting part of the letter is the offer of tea. Solas famously doesn't drink tea, so some kind of treachery seems to be taking place. Fans are proposing their theories and many are happy that Dragon Age 4 seems to be on its way. It shouldn't be too much of a surprise to get news about the game, BioWare restated its focus on Dragon Age 4 this year despite working on Anthem.

Many will wonder if an official announcement of Dragon Age 4 is set for BioWare's upcoming Dragon Age celebration. With the celebration coming this December many will be hoping for more clarity about the direction of the series. Most importantly, fans will be keen to see BioWare avoiding the pitfalls of their last two titles, Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem which did not live up to the RPG standards that the developer is famous for.

BioWare's most recent title Anthem was panned by critics and fans. With this in mind, a new Dragon Age title could be the perfect way to regain fans trust and loyalty. However, if a new Dragon Age game doesn't deliver the quality which fans are accustomed to it could lead to much deeper issues in the studio. Many will be expecting a finished game with solid game mechanics, plenty of lore, and of course dragons. Whether BioWare can deliver this, remains to be seen.

Source: BioWare / Twitter