Bethesda may be facing major development issues on its new game, Starfield. There had been suggestions that Starfield would be an Xbox Project Scarlett launch title but this may not happen if the game is in as much trouble as one leaker says it is.

In a post on the Gaming Leaks and Rumors Reddit, a user named StarfieldLeaker claims that Starfield is having "significant development problems" because of its publisher and its developer. Game director Todd Howard is "more absent" on the game, says the leaker, as he is now having to work on several other Bethesda games. The Starfield game engine uses a "cell based loading system" and this is also causing "significant frame hiccups when trying to incorporate fast moving vehicles" such as the game's space flight.

It is also claimed that having several development teams that aren't in the same location has "been really bad for general team cohesion." Bethesda has confirmed that it created a new developer to work on Starfield and that Escalation Studios is called BGS Dallas. It's unclear what BGS Dallas will be doing on the game, but having so many teams developing Starfield could make communication difficult.

Fans of Bethesda and those who are excited about Starfield are concerned to hear that development on the game may not be going well. The game is the first new IP from Bethesda in several years and it has also said that Starfield will be released before The Elder Scrolls 6. If Starfield's development means that the game is delayed, it could also delay The Elder Scrolls 6.

Bethesda Starfield skip E3 2020

Some are also concerned that development issues could make Starfield a bad game. One Reddit user says that BioWare had engine issues with Mass Effect Andromeda and "look how that turned out." Mass Effect: Andromeda was developed by several development teams too and it had been suggested that there were communication issues.

However, leaks posted by Reddit users can't always be trusted and Bethesda games are often spoken about like this because of how excited fans get for them. It's also true that many games have development issues such as game engines, poor communication, and not knowing what the gameplay is going to look like. It doesn't always mean that a game will be bad or that it will be delayed. Fans will know more once Bethesda makes its next Starfield announcement.

Starfield has yet to receive an official release date, and currently lacks official platforms.

Source; Reddit