As players make their journeys through Death Stranding they will encounter a bevy of equipment options, from the exceedingly simple ladder to the powerful and destructive quadruple rocket launcher. Indeed, having the proper equipment is absolutely essential in this new title, and fans will come to rely heavily on the gear that they carry with them. This reliance creates a sort of intimacy between player and equipment, and a new poster looks to celebrate this relationship by showcasing the myriad of tools that Death Stranding has to offer.

This Death Stranding poster was shared by Hideo Kojima himself, and it features the game's protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges, standing in front of a Distribution Center with an impressive array of gear sprawled before him. What may stand out to fans immediately here is the sheer number of offensive tools that are present, as a variety of shotguns, assault rifles, and more are included in the display. For a game that some players describe as a "walking simulator," jokingly or otherwise, it may be surprising to see just how many guns are featured in the game.

Additionally, this Death Stranding artwork highlights some of equipment that players will use to facilitate their deliveries, with boots being the most basic of these items. Certainly, remaining continually aware of the state of Sam's boots in Death Stranding is critical when lugging around a backpack full of cargo, and players will quickly become accustom to checking the condition of their footwear and making sure that they include an extra pair or two in their loadouts.

death stranding gear

That said, walking is not the only way to complete an order in this unique game, as demonstrated by the Reverse Trike and truck featured on this poster. Furthemore, the artwork showcases Delivery Bots, which are yet another option for those players that want to continue making deliveries while giving their feet a rest.

All of that said, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to equipment featured in the title, and many players are sure to have a deep affinity for Death Stranding's Sticky Gun, PCC, and beyond. Without question, one of the real treats of Death Stranding is the numerous ways that players can tackle the game's problems using the various equipment that is on offer, and it is a delight to see so many of these tools highlighted in the artwork featured here.

Death Stranding is available now for PS4, with a PC release expected in Summer 2020.

Source: Twitter