It’s been almost a year since Battlefield V’s launch, and the game has received above-average review scores from both the players and the critics. Battlefield V has managed to deliver unique gameplay set in one of the biggest wars of history. Those who’ve been on the fence regarding Battlefield V can now try out the game for free, on weekends.

DICE and Electronic Arts recently announced that Battlefield V will be available for free on weekends throughout the month of October. Players can download and play the game during any of the three free to play weekends starting from October 10 to October 13. The second free weekend will start from October 17, while the final weekend begins on October 24. All three of the free weekends are exclusively available on Origin, which means only PC players will be able to enjoy the free weekends. In the meantime, console players will have to rely on EA Access for Battlefield V and a plethora of other EA games.

BFV Free to Play Weekends

Each free Battlefield V weekend will feature a different multiplayer mode that players can access. However, an onboarding section of the Squad Conquest mode along with the War Stories, and the single-player stories inspired by real WW2 events will also be available throughout all the weekends. The first weekend will give players the opportunity to try out Rush while the second weekend will unlock the Conquest mode. The third and the final weekend will allow players to play Grand Operations. There are still no details regarding whether the players will be able to play Battlefield V’s battle royale mode or not.

To make things more interesting, EA will allow trial players to unlock different rewards as they play, and all the progression will be saved. Players who decide to purchase the full version of Battlefield V will have their entire progression carried over to the full game. Best of all, players don’t have to wait for the free weekend to download the game; they can pre-load Battlefield V right now for free via Origin. However, players will have to wait for the free weekend to kick-in before they can start playing the game.

Battlefield V is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: EA