Battlefield 5 is nearing its first year anniversary and post-launch support continues, with Chapter 5 starting October 31. More content remains in the works, too, as Battlefield 5's ever-popular Wake Island map is still scheduled for December. But according to a new datamine, EA DICE may have more content in store for Battlefield 5 players. A new mode by the name of Invasion was recently discovered, offering a type of game unlike anything else in the game.

Invasion is, according to dataminer Temporyal, a competitive game mode for up to 64 players. But unlike Grand Operations or Firestorm, Invasion implements a new aspect of gameplay - bases. Invasion apparently involves the implementation of several base structures that are key to victory. The datamine explains that players will have to destroy enemy reimgs, presumably their bases, while protecting their own. A team wins by eliminating opposing players and their bases.

5 different base structures are listed in the summary of the Battlefield 5 datamine, each with its own unique bonus. The Barracks provides the team with the ability to spawn more troops, the Tank Factory provides access to tanks, the Airfield provides aerial capabilities, and the Radar Station spots enemy players. The fifth structure, the Naval Reimgs, didn't have a summary provided. Presumably, it will provide additional boats for players to use in their attacks.

No further information is provided about Invasion beyond a few small details, like how players can repair facilities and how there are two rounds per map. Temporyal says that the first signs for the Invasion mode appeared months ago, meaning that EA DICE has had it in active development since. However, it's not quite a full mode yet. If Invasion is going to be a content update for Chapter 5, Temporyal expects further evidence of Invasion's continued development in the next patch. An Invasion and Wake Island update would be a great content update.

It bears repeating that datamines are not official announcements and are in no way a confirmation of future content. Invasion could be something that EA DICE is using to test other content, it could be a mode that has already been abandoned. It could turn into something else entirely, or could even remain in development for additional months or years. Until EA DICE confirms the existence of Invasion as future content, it's a rumor at best. That said, if Invasion sounds like something Battlefield 5 players might want, it's worth letting the development team know how cool it sounds.

Battlefield 5 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.