While Wizards of the Coast remains focused on issuing performance improvements for Magic: The Gathering Arena, players continue to encounter issues with this new digital platform. Typically, these issues revolve around things like gameplay hitches and FPS drops, but another type of bug is currently occurring on MTG Arena, and it is impacting players that attempt to use a particular set of basic lands in their decks.

Specifically, players that try to use Mirage basic lands in their Magic: The Gathering Arena decks are currently receiving a network error when attempting to submit. Wizards of the Coast has confirmed the existence of this bug and indicated that it is "currently working on a fix." However, the developer goes on to state that there is no ETA for the deployment of said fix, and thus players that are receiving a Magic: The Gathering Arena Deck Validation error are advised to swap out any Mirage basic lands that they may be using.

While this workaround is simple enough, even if it is a bit inconvenient, the primary issue here is that some MTG Arena players that are encountering the bug are simply unclear about the cause. Indeed, with the bug manifesting as a network error, there is not a lot to point impacted players in the right direction, and some fans are lost on how to pursue a fix. An in-client notification might be a way to reach such players, and perhaps Wizards will issue one if it is not able to correct the bug in short order.

In the interim, fans are circulating information on this MTG Arena Deck Validation error through avenues like the game's official subreddit. Fortunately, these PSAs do seem to be reaching some players that have been unable to determine the img of the bug, including those that wondered if the recent Magic: The Gathering Standard bans may have inadvertently impacted their decks, and hopefully this information will find its way to even more fans-in-need in the upcoming days.

Without question, Magic: The Gathering is an extremely complicated game, featuring an enormous number of assets, mechanics, and gameplay interactions. As developers attempt to translate all of this to the digital realm, there are bound to be issues, and this bug showcases that not even basic lands are safe. Hopefully Wizards is able to address this problem promptly and avoid similar ones as even more new MTG sets are added to Arena.

Magic: The Gathering Arena is available on PC.