Artist BossLogic has created some very impressive posters over the years, though he may have outdone himself with his latest effort. BossLogic has created a stunning image that combines the popular Disney+ Star Wars show The Mandalorian with the recently released Death Stranding.

In the poster, the titular Mandalorian can be seen with a BB pod like the one used by Sam Porter Bridges in Death Stranding. However, whereas the BB pods in Death Stranding contain human babies, the Mandalorian's BB pod has something a little more otherworldly. Inside the Mandalorian's BB pod is none other than a baby version of Yoda's species, which is a creature that plays a major role in the Disney+ show.

The level of detail in this new BossLogic piece is incredible, and it blends The Mandalorian and Death Stranding in really clever ways. It's arguably one of BossLogic's most impressive works to date.

Those that have been following BossLogic's art will know that the artist has created some other impressive video game works over the years. For example, when the Mortal Kombat movie reboot cast Chin Han as Shang Tsung, BossLogic created a poster showing Han in character. Since the Mortal Kombat movie reboot is currently filming and won't be released until March 5, 2021, BossLogic's art will have to tide fans over until an official trailer is released, which likely won't be until late next year at the earliest.

Giving fans a glimpse at what characters may look like is a common theme in BossLogic's work. When rumors started going around that John Cena would be in the Duke Nukem movie, BossLogic created a poster depicting Cena in the titular role.

Moving forward, fans can expect BossLogic to continue creating and sharing high quality art based on pop culture. And in the meantime, fans can keep their fingers crossed that maybe Death Stranding DLC could see this impressive crossover with The Mandalorian become a reality in the form of an alternate costume for Sam, though we wouldn't hold our breath.

Death Stranding is out now for PS4 with a PC release to follow in the summer of 2020.