Ever since Apex Legends season 3 began, Respawn Entertainment seems to have kept the popular battle royale updated constantly with new things to do. In addition to the new map and character Crypto, players have experienced the Shadowfall event, a Duos mode getting added, and more. The practice area known as the Firing Range also got an overhaul this season and players have discovered an interesting secret with in.

After entering the new Firing Range mode in Apex Legends, players have found a small QR code at the base of the dummy statues that can be shot at for practice. While these unique black and white codes are made to be scanned with mobile devices, this one has yet to be unlocked for some strange reason.

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Players have begun discussing the possibilities of this recently found secret and why it is currently unable to be scanned. Most agree that the main culprit is the dirt at the base of the dummies, which does obscure part of the code.

As others have stated on the Apex Legends subreddit, this isn't the first time Respawn Entertainment has utilized QR codes to promote the title in-game. Before the training mode was overhauled, it also contained a QR code, but the big difference is that it was able to be scanned. Unfortunately, it simply led to the main Apex Legends website instead of unlocking a big secret.

Debate rages online as to whether or not the current code was created to intentionally not work or if it really is the dirt particles that are preventing the code from being scanned. Some are hoping that this is an elaborate Easter egg tied to the rumored next legend character called Reckoner.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit