The best shotgun in Apex Legends is finally getting a nerf that many fans think it has deserved for a while now. The Peacekeeper shotgun is getting slightly nerfed with two minor changes in the update that just went live this weekend. Some would say this is one of the fixes Apex Legends needs to stay afloat as a competitive game.

Respawn's battle royale shooter has become one of the leaders in the genre since its launch earlier this year. Released the same month as AnthemApex has surely felt like a miracle to EA as it continues to grow and get support. Still some balancing issues still remain and the Peacekeeper is finally getting some much needed tweaks.

The official Apex Legends Twitter account sent out a tweet detailing the balance patch to the peacekeeper. The rechamber time was increased from 1.1 to 1.2 seconds and the head shot multiplier was decreased from 1.5x to 1.25x, decreasing the amount of headshot damage the weapon does by a decent amount. While it has been tweaked slightly in the past, this is the biggest adjustment to the newbie favorite shotgun that has been seen since launch.

However, it seems like simply not enough for the community, or at least the right changes were not made. According to some vocal professional players these changes are actually not too significant. According to Rogue (@TTrebb on Twitter) and other pros, the pellet size is what needs adjustment. Many of the responses to the initial tweet are angry at Respawn and saying that this patch doesn't go nearly far enough to address the issues fans have with the peacekeeper.

While the most invested players in the metagame may not be getting what they want out of competitive Apex, plenty of features have been added to the game recently.. Apex added a limited time only Duos mode this month, which was again not exactly what fans wanted when they clamor for duos and solo queues. This all comes on top of the recent new map for Season 3 of Apex Legends, which caused major balancing overhauls and an entirely new meta. The game is still in the process of being balanced on this new map as more players participate in Season 3 of Apex.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.