Apex Legends' latest season is progressing smoothly, introducing a brand new map, playable legend, and weapon. Yet Apex Legends players are already getting antsy for what might come next, perhaps because it's about the mid-point of a standard-lengthed season. Meltdown, however, will be a 4-month season rather than a 3-month, but that isn't stopping fans from speculating about upcoming content. The latest example is a glitch of sorts that Apex Legends players think might be related to the game's next legend.

The clue, so to speak, was first published to Reddit under the post title "Hint for new legend? Randomly Happened in a normal game" which already provokes some skepticism. The issue being that readers are already set to believe there's a teaser before they even click the post. The post itself is somewhat interesting, however. There's a short video recording of the player's map in Apex Legends, which briefly goes to static and has the words "Radar Jammed" flash for just a few seconds before going back to normal.

The Reddit poster, whose name is olmacblacka, believes that the short disruption to their mini-map could be a hint at the next Apex Legends playable character. In other words, that this is a hint that a new legend that can jam radars is being teased by Respawn. Respawn has been known to drop small hints into Apex Legends about upcoming content, and the jammed radar does seem rather mysterious, so it's not entirely unreasonable to believe something is going on here.

As for whether there's substance to the theory, that's going to be difficult to prove. Jammed radars aren't wholly uncommon in Apex Legends, though this type of jammed radar message seems unique. And jammed radars, in general, aren't a particularly threatening or interesting mechanic for a new legend to have, unless it's something like a passive effect. More than anything, though, is it's not a particularly interesting teaser. Mild annoyance isn't exactly a great way to introduce a character.

The truth to the "Radar Jammed" message, whether it be a bug or a teaser may not be confirmed one way or another for some time. Apex Legends isn't even halfway through its latest season, and since new legends are seemingly only launched at the start of a season players will have a long wait ahead of them. Perhaps if the jammed radar changes or becomes more of a noticeable issue in then next several weeks, then it may be a more obvious teaser. For now, however, players might shrug this rumor off.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.