Ever since Apex Legends launched, there has been a continuous stream of character leaks that previously revealed the likes of Octane, Wattson, and Crypto. Another leak suggested that a character by the name of Revenant could eventually join the game, and even though Season 3 just launched and Crypto just joined the Apex Games, it seems the game itself could be using and/or teasing Revenant. Another leak suggests that there will be a Halloween-themed LTM called Shadowfall, and it seems the two will be used in conjunction with each other.

For context, the leaks about Revenant suggest he is a Simulacrum, a Titanfall 2 being that is a human consciousness trapped in a machine. Revenant also supposedly has two sets of abilities based on this, with one being heavily tied to shadow-like abilities. Therefore, his connection to Apex Legends' Shadowfall LTM makes sense, as it revolves around killed players returning as shadow players to hunt those who remain.

Assuming this leak is true, and it certainly seems like it might be, then Apex Legends players will be able to hear Revenant's voice during the aforementioned LTM. It seems Respawn Entertainment could be using Revenant as the announcer for Shadowfall prior to his eventual introduction, which is by no means a stretch of the imagination, and fans of the battle royale game can hear Revenant speak in the video below.

It wouldn't be the first time Apex took an unorthodox approach to teasing characters. The season 2 launch trailer involved Crypto, and there was even an unindentified character seen in the season 3 trailer. By description, it seems like that character could be the leaked Apex Legend character, Rampart, but there's no true way of actually telling.

Regardless, even if these are both teases for Rampart and Revenant, there's no indication as to when they could join the battle royale game. Each season has thus far only seen the addition of 1 character, with there being no hint that this will change anytime soon. Unless Respawn Entertainment intends to change this up with Apex Legends season 3, this tease may be all Apex Legends players get for Revenant at the moment.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.