BioWare's Anthem is quite easily one of the biggest flops of the year. The game had a considerable amount of pre-release hype, but was met with widespread criticism at the time of its release, and its player count has continued to dwindle. Unsurprisingly, BioWare and EA seem to have largely moved on from Anthem, though support for the game is continuing with a new Halloween event.

Perhaps the most exciting bit of information about the Anthem Halloween event is that it will include armor based on Mass Effect races. Players will be able to get Asari, Krogan, Quarian, and Turian armor during the Anthem Halloween event, called Season of Skulls. Of course, there will be some other bonuses to look forward to as well.

EA has compared the Season of Skulls event to the Anthem Cataclysm event. It will include arenas filled with enemies that players have to kill to climb the leaderboards, Anomalies (which are like the Storm Gates from Cataclysm) that can be found in Freeplay, Crystals that can be used to purchase War Chests and items at Herschel's Hut, new weekly and seasonal challenges, and increased Legendary drop rates.


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anthem mass effect halloween

anthem mass effect halloween

anthem halloween mass effect

Anthem players who decide to check out the Season of Skulls event may be able to look forward to some more lore as well. The event will see a "thick and ominous fog" surround Fort Tarsis. Additionally, Fort Tarsis itself is teased to have some clues that will reveal "intriguing secrets" about the Season of Skulls event. How much new lore Anthem fans can expect from the Halloween event remains to be seen, however.

It also remains to be seen if the Anthem Halloween event is enough to lure back lapsed players. Anthem has struggled to hold on to its playerbase since its disastrous launch, though its availability on EA Access makes it more accessible than ever. Those who already pay for an EA Access subscription may very well be convinced to give Anthem another shot, especially if it means getting some Mass Effect-themed content.

In the meantime, others may be anxious for the Mass Effect series itself to get a continuation. Unfortunately, there are no indications as to when that may actually happen. Right now, BioWare is focusing on Dragon Age 4, so a new Mass Effect game is likely many years away from release, if it materializes at all.

Anthem is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: EA, Resetera