Another major Twitch streamer has made the decision to drop Twitch and stream exclusively on Mixer. Compared to Ninja and Shroud, Gothalion isn't quite as big of a channel, but he is one of a rare echelon of Twitch streamers to have accumulated over 10,000 subs at his peak. Sunday morning Gothalion announced that he would be making the jump to Mixer, a decision which he described as "easy peasy."

Gothalion's Mixer announcement didn't come with any of the pomp and circumstance that Ninja or Shroud's announcement did. He simply wrapped up a stream on Twitch and then posted a personal message to Twitter. Gothalion cites being able to work directly with Microsoft and Mixer as the main reason for making the shift. He believes the partnership being offered will "propel" not just his channel, but also the efforts the channel works towards.

Given the kinds of efforts that Gothalion is referencing, his decision makes a lot of sense. Gothalion is the c0-owner and co-founder of GuardianCon, a community-based gaming convention that also serves as a major charity event, which rebranded to Gaming Community Expo (GCX) for 2020 and on. Gothalion clearly believes that working with Microsoft will enable him and his charitable efforts to succeed in ways where Twitch faltered.

Gothalion then assured his viewership that while the move to Mixer may seem like a big change, that ultimately things will largely be staying the same. He'll still be streaming alongside friends who stream on Twitch. He also asks his fans that will be following to be vocal with their feedback. He wants his channel, and Mixer beyond it, to continue improving going forward. And he genuinely believes that he'll be able to shift Mixer's direction as necessary as part of his new partnership.

The decision to move to Mixer by Gothalion seems important in a unique way. Both Ninja and Shroud's move to Mixer make a lot of obvious sense. Microsoft clearly offered them both very lucrative deals. Gothalion's move, however, isn't a huge marketing move. He's not being pushed as one of Mixer's faces. While Gothalion's also clearly been offered a great deal, he's still moving to a smaller platform due in part to confidence in Microsoft and Mixer.

Mixer, in turn, is clearly confident in the potential of streamers who aren't necessarily going to be faces of the brand. And given how quickly the Gothalion announcement is coming after Shroud's move, Mixer appears to be speeding up its efforts. This may only be the start of Mixer's efforts to grow its platform.

Gothalion's first stream on Mixer will be Tuesday at 5:00 am PT. Viewers can go to and claim a free month's subscription for a limited time.