Dragon Ball and God of War are both fictions about god-like individuals beating the sense out of other god-like individuals. That’s really the only reason one would need to combine them, and one clever artist did precisely that. The result was a picture that’s not only downright hilarious but visually stunning.

The characters depicted in the drawing are Master Roshi and Kid Goku from Dragon Ball but stylized with a God of War twist. In this case, Master Roshi appears as Kratos, sporting the character’s pale and beefed-up body, a great artistic choice since Master Roshi canonically can beef himself up to Kratos’ stature. And Goku makes his appearance as Kratos’ son, Atreus, wearing the character’s clothes and wielding his bow.

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The picture is accurate because the relationship between Goku and Master Roshi does seem like one between a father and a son, despite that not really being the case. Just like Kratos taught Atreus nearly everything he knows, Master Roshi did the same for Goku, including teaching him the famous Kamehameha Wave. Both Master Roshi and Kratos also looked after Goku and Atreus, respectively, when the two kids lost their original guardians.

roshi as kratos goku as atreus

Master Roshi may not be as severe as Kratos, but that only adds to the fun. Imagining Kratos’ voice and mannerisms coming out of Master Roshi makes for some giggle-inducing imagery. And Goku and Atreus are pretty similar characters when broken down to their cores. They’re both generally kind to others and do whatever it is that they can to help someone in need, and when they both let their anger explode, they achieve levels of power unbeknownst to them before. Goku and Master Roshi may not have as much interaction in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super as they did in the original Dragon Ball, but this picture does a fantastic job of showing off their relationship through an unusual crossover.

All in all, this a fun piece that does a great job of showing off both the Dragon Ball and God of War franchises. The sight of it is enough to spur the imagination into conjuring up all sorts of different scenarios about it. It also allows for a lot of fun through picking out the parallels between two properties you wouldn’t naturally think to put together, only to ask yourself why you hadn’t thought of the mashup sooner once you’ve seen it.

Source: AFatKidOnASeasaw/Reddit