Alinity is certainly one of the most controversial Twitch streamers out there, with her cat throwing incident causing an uproar earlier this year. However, not all of the Alinity Twitch controversies are necessarily her fault, which is the case with the most recent one.

In a recent Twitch stream (which has since been deleted), Alinity accidentally flashed her underwear while wearing a dress. Even though it's likely that this wasn't on purpose, it is still technically a violation of Twitch's Terms of Service. However, it's unlikely that Alinity will actually receive any consequences for it, as for one reason or another she seems to be basically immune to Twitch bans, despite other streamers getting in trouble for similar offensives.

For example, Twitch streamer Amouranth was banned for three days after accidentally flashing her audience. Amouranth's flashing incident was a bit more egregious as she wasn't wearing underwear, but it still stands as an example of the inconsistent way Twitch enforces its rules, which is an ongoing complaint people have about the streaming site.

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It's also worth pointing out that some Twitch streamers have been banned for "suggestive" clothing, even though they didn't show their underwear on stream. Twitch streamer ExoHydraX was banned for "suggestive" clothing, despite her clothing not even being "suggestive." Her cleavage was showing, but not to the point that it would be inappropriate, and certainly not to the degree that many other Twitch streamers show their cleavage. ExoHydraX was the victim of trolls targeting her channel, and Twitch's decision to ban her anyway has sparked some controversy of its own.

Alinity is streaming right now at the time of this writing, so it does appear as though she is not going to be facing any consequences for the incident. Even though it was an accident, Twitch has shown that it is willing to ban other streamers for very similar incidents, and so critics of the platform will no doubt use this as another example of the streaming site's hypocrisy.

Incidents like this may also be a driving force behind some Twitch streamers moving to Mixer. After Ninja moved to Mixer, he spoke out against Twitch, bringing up the Alinity cat-throwing situation specifically in his criticism against the streaming site. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see if other top streamers jump ship to Mixer.